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Op de website Huntley’s Film Archives is een uur lang durende video geplaatst met achter de schermen beelden van ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’. Klik hier om de video te bekijken.

Harry Potter 2000’s with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint behind the scenes with the cast and crew. Director filming a broomstick flying in a castle grounds. DR and RG in a train carriage. RG talks to the director and a take is taken. DR has a the wizard card. we see the take on the monitor. a few takes. A cat is prepared by making its fur spiky they think it’s too cute and need it meaner. The crew eat lunch whilst looking over storyboard plan with the lamp passing a gate
The hairdressing dept discuss Dumbledore. Owl handlers with white barn owl. Artificial snow being spread over a yard. DR then filmed with Hedwig. In a cloister. Classroom scene.
Transfiguration Lesson
The Dursleys’

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