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Emmma is voor de duur van tenminste 3 jaar aangewezen als Associate Fellow bij de Lady Margaret Hall van Oxford Universiteit. Wat deze nieuwe rol precies inhoud is mij niet bekend. De afgelopen periode bezocht Emma de universiteit meerdere malen om over gelijkheid in geslacht en vrouwenrechten te praten.

LMH is delighted to announce the appointment of nine new Visiting Fellows for a three year term (2019-22), and the appointment of Emma Watson as an Associate Fellow.

The Visiting Fellows are people drawn from a variety of backgrounds, callings and professions who will form a bridge between LMH’s academic community and the worlds they inhabit and represent. We are most grateful to our previous Visiting Fellows (2016-19) who contributed so much insight, knowledge and understanding within their specialist fields and culturally enhanced the life of the College.

As an Associate Fellow, Emma Watson, will continue her valuable work with the College with particular emphasis on promoting gender equality and women’s rights. Emma was previously an LMH Visiting Fellow (2016-19).

The idea of having non-academic visiting fellows at an Oxford College is not entirely new. Lord Nuffield, in founding his own College, wanted people drawn from government, politics, civil service and other institutions to play a role in the life of Nuffield College.

Names were canvassed from LMH’s governing body, of people of distinction whom we admired and whom we felt could add to the intellectual and cultural life of LMH. Those appointed span subject areas including: environment, sport, history, the performing arts, literature, feminism, law and public service.

Alan Rusbridger, Principal of LMH, said: “We welcome all our new Visiting Fellows and Emma Watson who has now been appointed an Associate Fellow. We look forward to them contributing to the life of LMH and to debate, perform, challenge and otherwise engage with the fellows, tutors, staff and students.

“We can learn much from them and we hope they treasure their time with us.”

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Emma was afgelopen maandag aanwezig in de Lady Margaret Hall van Oxford Universiteit voor een vragensessie namen haar boekenclub ‘Our Shared Shelf’

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http//: 13 mei: Our Shared Shelf event in de Lady Margaret Hall van Oxford Universiteit

'Our Shared Shelf' BoekenclubAppereances

Emma steunt de website ‘Good On You’ een website die kledingmerken beoordeling op hoe goed ze zijn voor het milieu. Door te kijken hoe duurzaam ze gemaakt zijn, door te kijken in hoeverre ze o,a, kleding verspilling tegengaan en kleding recyclen. Emma is hier al jaren een grote voorstander van.

Introducing Our New Supporter, Emma Watson

There is no better advocate for ethical and sustainable fashion than Emma Watson.

Throughout her career she’s been a driving force of the movement. Her work includes collaborations with ethical brands such as People Tree, her Instagram advocacy with @The Press Tour, and her leadership on Vogue Australia’s first sustainability issue.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Emma as a supporter of Good On You. We’ll be rating the clothes she wears on the red carpet and beyond, so she can be confident her outfits meet the highest standards of ethics and sustainability.

Here is what Emma has to say about why she’s using Good On You.

“Fashion helps shape our identities. What we wear signifies who we are and what we stand for. I support Good On You because I need to know my clothes do not harm our precious planet or its people.

On the red carpet we’re often asked not what we are wearing but ‘who’. It’s as if the ideas behind the clothes – the label, the designer, the collection – have more meaning than the garment itself. But there’s something missing.

There’s a bigger story to be told about the conditions in which our clothes are made, the resources that have been used and the impact they’ve had on communities.

Good On You is my benchmark for sustainable fashion. This means that when I’m given a platform to speak about my choice of outfit, I will have a meaningful story to tell. And it’s powerful.

But I am just one person. In truth, we can all play a part in driving fashion to be more sustainable and ethical. By choosing to wear clothes from labels that embrace transparent, creative and innovative production methods; and by re-wearing, recycling, swapping and thrifting.

Together we are building a bigger, better movement every day.

Fashion is a creative force. It has the power to persuade, to influence, and transform. When fashion truly embraces transparency and sustainability, other spheres will follow. We’re on a journey towards a more sustainable future.

This is just the beginning.”

Today is also the launch of a new look and feel for Good On You. We want to make it easier for you to discover ethical fashion, find all the info you need, and read all the stories you want on our website.

We’ve worked with a team of designers and developers to rebrand and rebuild our site, and we have some exciting new things planned for later in the year too.

So from all the team at Good On You, thank you for your support we literally couldn’t do what we do without it.

Let’s make 2019 the biggest year for ethical fashion so far.

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Emma heeft het voorwoord in de de 3e uitgave van Gloria Steinem’s boek ‘Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions’ uit 1983. Naast het voorwoord van Emma heeft Gloria ook wat nieuwe teksten toegevoegd. In 2016 was ‘My Life On The Road’ van de schijfster Emma’s eerste boek voor haar boekenclub, sindsdien zijn de twee goede vrienden en heeft Emma haar ook geinterviewd.

“Why do I love Gloria’s writing so much? She makes what otherwise can be arduous and depressing reading, into something not only relatable but enjoyable…She believes in personal testimony – the sharing and passing on of women’s stories…She uncovers things that are obscured by today’s conditioning and normalizing which when exposed, are absolutely fascinating…Her plain common sense – calling things out as they are – will make you laugh out loud…
Sometimes the world she envisions seems so far out and impossible to me or just wildly optimistic. But I have come to believe it is through radical feminism and the radical nature of Gloria’s message, that the job of equality will get done. I used to think the citadel didn’t have to topple. Now I believe it just might and should, and that we need to let old ways of being die for something new to be born. This book contains ideas for that new road, even though some were written almost forty years ago.
People have asked me what the feminist movement needs to succeed. A new word? More men involved? I would rephrase the question. What obstacles need to be removed for us to succeed? In order to win our full humanity, in life, we have to confront the biggest superpower in the world: the patriarchy…
I never liked the idea of being a rebel. I played Hermione Granger, for goodness sake, who once famously compared the notion of being expelled to death! I remember thinking my first detention was the end of the world. But of all the things to fight for, I’d say freedom and respect are pretty good ones! And if I can do it with, and in the wake of, women like Gloria, all the better. And actually, as Hermione and I learned, being disruptive was quite fun after all.
So, have your mind blown, laugh out loud, think in new ways, get angry, feel the feminist affinity…This was the first collection of feminist writing Gloria ever published…I hope they become as precious to you.”

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Emma viert het 3-jarig bestaan van Our Shared Shelf, haar online boekenclub voor Goodreads. In de afgelopen jaren raadde ze verschillende feministe boeken aan en interviewde ze ook verschillende schrijvers om andere te inspireren.

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http//: Instagramfoto’s 2019

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Ik heb nieuwe foto’s gevonden van Emma’s fotoshoot voor UN Woman uit 2014 en voor Vouge Australie eerder dit jaar.

Galerij Links:
http//: UN Women Portrait {United Nations}
http//: Peter Lindbergh {Vouge Australië}

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Emma heeft meerdere exemplaren van de boeken uit haar boekenclub ‘Our Shared Shelf’ gedoneerd aan de bibliotheek van de universiteit van Oxford.

'Our Shared Shelf' BoekenclubEmma Watson

Het interview dat Emma had met ‘Honey & Milk’ schrijfster Rupi Kaur voor haar boekclub Our Shared Shelf is verschenen.

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http//: Screencaptures

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