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Emma staat op #5 van Heat Magazine’s lijst van jongste rijke Britten, haar vermogen wordt door hen geschat op zo’n £55 miljoen . Hiermee staat ze onder:
#4 One Direction zanger Harry Styles
#3 Harry Potter collega Daniel Radcliffe
#2 zanger Ed Sheeran
#1 zangeres Adele

5. Emma Watson, 28, £55m
Her upfront £2m fee for Beauty and the Beast (plus a share in profits believed to be £10m) must have topped up Emma’s £43m Harry Potter stash nicely. Kind-hearted with her cash (she donated £1m to a fund to help victims of sexual harassment), she saves money by flying easyJet and turned up at 2016’s Met Gala wearing a dress made from actual rubbish. Just like Oscar the Grouch.

Ook haar andere Haary Potter collega Rupert Grint staat in de lijst op #11.

Emma Watson

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