Emma is voor de maand maart de gastredacteur van Vouge Australië! Hiervoor had ze o.a. een nieuwe fotoshoot met fotograaf Peter Lindberg,

Emma Watson introduces the March 2018 issue of Vogue Australia
20 February 2018

Emma Watson, guest editor of the March issue of Vogue Australia, on sale February 26, shares her vision and the full shoot by iconic photographer Peter Lindbergh.

After a year dominated by an alarming newsfeed, it seems we have hit a turning point in 2018. Silenced voices are becoming amplified and media outlets are shining a spotlight on the people and groups challenging for change. The pages to follow in this issue, Designing the Future, is a part of that change.

The word ‘change’ can be intimidating, riddled with expectation of outcomes and fear of failure. So I want to propose something to you: when steering a boat, a captain can shift the wheel one degree and it drastically changes the course of the boat. I would like to challenge you, after reading this issue, to make a one-degree shift, because a small change can make a huge difference.

Thank you, Vogue Australia, for allowing me this platform to share stories and movements I care about. Thank you, Peter Lindbergh, for your careful eye and such a joyous shoot. Thank you to all the collaborators for sharing your voice and your self. And lastly, thank you to anyone picking up this issue and reading it. You are the biggest piece to the puzzle of our global wellbeing. Join me in a one-degree shift!

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