Emma heeft een nieuwe fotoshoot en interview gehad met Vogue om o.a. te praten over de ‘Harry Potter’ reunië. De foto’s zijn verschenen in o.a. de Britse en Arabische editie van het blad.

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Do you remember when you first heard about the possibility of a 20th-anniversary reunion?
Tom [Felton] gave the game away by hosting a “19-year reunion”, so the twentieth anniversary was definitely in my mind with a fair bit of run up!

How did it feel to be with your cast mates again on those incredible sets?
Like heaven, honestly. I am just so happy they still exist! Most film sets are torn down the minute a scene is finished. I am so happy they are still there for people to enjoy, me included. Stuart Craig is truly a genius. What he did is perfect.

What was it like to sit down with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint in the Gryffindor common room?
It was emotional and also intense to have such an intimate moment so closely watched. Mostly I was just so happy to have a mediator who could ask us these questions and get to be part of seeing how differently – and similarly – we had processed things. I love that we remembered different things.

You spoke about your childhood crush on Tom Felton and fans loved it. What has it been like for you and Tom to see that?
[Laughs] We speak most weeks, and we just think it’s sweet.

You have a lovely moment with Rupert towards the end. Was that the most emotional moment of the reunion for you, or was it something else?
No, that was the most emotional moment for me. When Rupert says things, he really means them. I was taken aback by how vulnerable and kind he was deciding to be so publicly. Similarly for Dan, it really touched me how reflective he had been over the years about how different it had been for me as a girl.

The response to the reunion has been amazing. Are you, Dan and Rupert on a group chat, and have you been talking about it?
They both hate WhatsApp and their phones in general. Actually, as a three, we really try and stay off electronics so that doesn’t help for a massive amount of back and forth. We aren’t on a group chat but we speak individually. Rupert sends me pictures of [his daughter] Wednesday and I die. Dan and I generally try and calm each other’s nerves. We both mainly try and stay out of the limelight so it’s been nice to have each other’s support, knowing there was going to be another wave of attention coming.

If you could go back in time and speak to that 10-year-old version of yourself who was so eager to play Hermione that it terrified her parents, what would you say?
That’s a whole article I might write one day.

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from working on the Harry Potter films?
I don’t think there was anything I didn’t learn. That was the beauty of it. It was my kindergarten, school and university. Animals, special effects, media training, stunts… it was endless. I feel so thankful.

And would you come back to Hogwarts for another reunion 20 years from now?

What’s next for you in 2022?
You’ll have to wait and see, but there are projects…

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