Emma heeft op haar twitteraccount een bericht gedeeld dat ze de IATSE steunt, ook haar profielfoto’s zijn gewijzigd in het IATSE logo. In haar bericht staat een link naar de petitie die ondertekend kan worden.

De International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) is de vakbond voor alle crewleden achter de schermen van film en series in Amerika. De afgelopen tijd zijn zij aan het onderhalen voor betere werkvoorwaarden waaronder hogere minimumlonen voor werknemers over de hele linie, evenals op een meer genereuze toewijzing van downtime tussen start- en stoptijden op productiedagen. Aangezien het nu als normaal gezien wordt om om 6 dagen achter elkaar zo’n 15 uur te werken. Ook willen ze dat medewerkers het zelfde betaald worden voor projecten voor streamingsdiensten en traditionele televisieproductie, aangezien ze nu vaak voor het eerste minder betaald krijgen.

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“Growing up as a child in film industry, crew members weren’t just the people I worked with – they filled in for family. They were ones I saw first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Without these kind, hard working, talented people – I would not have a career and I would not have made it through. There were many times making films I saw extras, and crew members being treated in ways that made me scared for their safety and well being. Whether that was worrying they would get home safely at 5 in the morning after a 16+ hour work day or being asked to work without lunch breaks or rest… I was even aware of AD’s being told they would be fired if they were caught sitting down. Often the sleep schedule I would be asked to do on a film would render me a complete mess when shooting was finished and I know I didn’t get anywhere close to the worst of it. I honestly don’t know how the crews do it.

Thank you to every single crew member in pre, production, and post that I’ve worked with over the past 22 years… Thank you for your unbelievable dedication, perseverance, patience, and empathy. The very least you deserve is a safe workplace, living wages, and working hours that safeguard your physical and mental health. The films that bring comfort and happiness to so many people would not exist without you. You deserve to see your families too. Thank you to @ia_stories, @BritCrewStories and others for highlighting the huge differences in how actors like myself experience life on set, and the working conditions that are imposed on the gaffers, the HMU artists, the set dressers, PA’s and so so many others whose skills are absolutely vital to any production.

This disparity cannot be ignored any longer and the data is stark. Recent research in the UK by @filmtvcharity showed that 9 in 10 people working behind the scenes in film and TV had experienced a mental health problem, with evidence showing that working conditions, industry culture and lack of accessible support create conditions which mean mental health and wellbeing suffer.
Studios and streamers must listen to the hardest working professionals in our industry, and help create a working culture that we can all be proud of, and which respects our labour equality.”

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