Het tweede boek dat Emma gaat lezen voor haar boekclub ‘Our Shared Shelf’ is bekend. Dit zal het boek ‘The Argonauts’ van schrijfster Maggie Nelson zijn. Dit boek is niet vertaald naar het Nederlands, maar wel te koop bij bol.com.

Dear OSS,

I’ve been searching high and low for our next book. The club has been much more international than I had anticipated – and much bigger. I’m really proud of my club members – discussion-wise – you are all hitting it out of the park. I’m having to find books that are accessible, cover multiple perspectives and languages, that are unique and not too well known already… So without further ado…

Our next book is going to be The Argonauts, by Maggie Nelson. The story is about the author’s relationship with artist Harry Dodge, who is fluidly gendered. It’s about their romance, the birth of their son, the death of Harry’s mother and their changing bodies, as Maggie becomes pregnant and Harry undergoes surgery, but it’s also about inclusion and the powers and shortfalls of language. It might require a bit of work but The Argonauts rewards us with an expansive way of considering identity, caretaking, and freedom—along with a liberation from, what Maggie calls, “the demand that anyone live a life that’s all one thing.” I am excited to read this book with you. Maybe it will change the way we think and speak about others and ourselves?

Hope I did you proud,
Em Wats X

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